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Hey loves! I share a lot on social media but most of it has to do with my fitness journey. Not so much of my personal life. However, on my wedding day, my fitness journey and my personal life came together in a super special way! Here is the short version of the story. In…

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So its no surprise to anyone that I do a lot of reading and a lot of listening. I post it all over social media and I am always referencing some guru. I just love knowledge. Which is why my earbuds are always in my ear and why I LIVE on Personal Development. My phone…

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And it was not COSTLY! Yes you heard me! It was not expensive. There are so many places to get married in the park and the permit varies. For the most part, it’s just $25 but some locations, like the Conservatory Garden, are $200 for the permit. Personally, I am not a fan of catering…

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Okay, first you are already beautiful. No dress. No makeup. No special flowers or accessories will make you anymore beautiful than you are. However, I needed a title for this blog post and that’s what I went with. I got married on May 16th and one of the things everyone kept commenting on was my wedding…

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When you were a child, did you ever think you were just going to be an average person? a cubicle? a number? or did you dream of greatness? My whole childhood, I knew I was destined for really big things. I had no idea what they were and when I was a young adult, I…

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Live. I’ve been reminded to LIVE a lot lately. To be honest, I thought I was always living but recently I’ve realized that I haven’t. See, for a long time I’ve just moved through the motions of life. Take a job because it pays well. Regardless whether it’s a job I love or not, I…

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