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So yesterday, after spending some time on the lake, I get home and Beachbody had sent me a bunch of goodies. Including this badboy! I was so excited to try it!  If you love the results you get from Shakeology, but want to customize the results, Shakeology Boosts are the answer! These add-on drink powders…

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My first bilingual post: So why am I making my own Sazon? Well, because I have no desire to have extra MSG in my body and I don’t know what yellow 5, tricalcium phosphate, or what red 40 is. I love Goya products but you don’t need all the extra ingredients. Making it a habit…

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You Are Limitless I have been using this hashtag A LOT and its because my team name is the Limitless Army. What is a team? Well, my team of coaches of course! ;) If you want more information on that, feel free to email me at melthecoach (At) But I want to talk to…

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I go by too many names!!! Hey! how is your summer going? I hope its fabulous. I just came back from Coach Summit in Nashville, Tennessee and I fell in LOVE with the city. Musicians are EVERYWHERE and it was the perfect place for Beachbody to launch a dance fitness program. So grateful to have…

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This is one of my favorite (yet modified) snack recipes from the 5-square low carb meals cookbook by Monica Lynn. I am a huge meal prepper and this makes enough for 2 servings. What you’ll need? 6 ounces uncooked skinless boneless chicken breast 1.5 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon of olive oil As much…

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Hey loves! I share a lot on social media but most of it has to do with my fitness journey. Not so much of my personal life. However, on my wedding day, my fitness journey and my personal life came together in a super special way! Here is the short version of the story. In…

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