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Okay lets face it. A typical wedding is expensive! If you are here, you either know me or you want to save some money and not go crazy purchasing a wedding dress. Well, neither did I! Go us! :) There are tons of ways to get a beautiful wedding dress WITHOUT spending lots of cash.…

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OMG! I need to start this post by telling you that I never ever had a dream wedding. Actually, SCRATCH THAT… I did… it involved City Hall and a fun day in the city. So on December 25, 2014 when the man asked me to be his life partner in crime, I said yes and…

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Wow! It’s been a journey. And an absolutely incredible one. I can’t believe that I am done! I feel very grateful to have you all supporting me throughout these past 60+ days (more on that later). Please note: I did Insanity Max: 30  while teaching PiYo and Zumba three times a week. I also got…

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Hey everyone. I have been talking up Motivational Bottle for the last month all over social media. I am not an affiliate to this company at all. I just think they make a super cool water bottle that is helpful for everyone.  I probably should be an affiliate! (ahem) Here is the thing, WATER is like…

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Hey everyone! I tried Blue Apron and I am so excited to share information about it with you. Blue Apron is a subscription service company that delivers three meals a week to your door. They send you everything to make three dinners for two people. You can pick between a number of options. Such as…

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Every morning I make it a point to listen to something that will inspire me. Working for yourself, choosing to live a life to help others, or even just making a super bold decision, whether to start a business or lose fifty pounds, can be very overwhelming. For women, its even more so because many…

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